Welcome to Vancouver

Hello everybody,
Today was finally the d-day or let's say better my v-day. After an emotional goodbye with Daniel, Mum, Tanja & Diana at the airport, I flew with LTU from Stuttgart to Vancouver via Duesseldorf. If I hadn't been so sad, the flight would have been quite relaxed. To deepen my sadness, the airline had the wonderful idea to show three of the most romantic movies ever! After the landing in Vancouver and at least one liter of tears later, everything worked perfectly and without problems: I got my visa within two minutes, all of my luggage was there and my taxi brought me for about 20 Dollars to my new (part-time) home... 
The house were I live at the moment is quite comfy and clean. I share it with... yes exactly with two Germans (@Clemens: my German roomie is doing here some research at University to be able to become a PhD in Electrical Engineering - You should join him ;). My forth roomie is a Japense guy, that I haven't met yet. My room is rudimentary equipped, but still nice and unexpectedly large. 
After my first shopping trip with the bus (no clothes - only food), which boosted my jet lag even more, I have decided to go to bed early. My other roomies went to bed anyway...  
Let's see what tomorrow brings :-) Maybe even pictures...



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