Aufgewacht von den Toten...

It has been a while since I have posted something but after 15 months of torture I had to recover first. Today finally I had to share something with the world. Check this out:

This guy was drawn by one of the most talented artists I know: Daniel Brkovic. Okay I'm biased but please check out some of its other stuff at brkov.blogspot.com.


Gothic Beauty

Natalie Shau is a young illustrator and photographer from Lithuania. She works mainly in digital media and Natalie’s works are mixture of her photography, digital painting and 3D elements. I adore her work that is influenced by fairytales illustrations and Russian classical literature. Some of her illustrations were created for music bands, fashion designers and writers... so beautiful!

photos: Natalie Shau


Rad things like Rock shirts

I totally adore the style of Pudel's designer Lina Osterman. I have been already blogging about her as the creative mind behind Pudel. In the meantime, Lina Osterman launched her first line under her solo name. And guess what, the collection is very dark with 99% of it being black!!! She uses tuns of studs and leather. Pretty much amazing!

And this is Lina herself in Elle UK. I need this Kiss Tshirt!!!

photos: Lina Osterman, show me your wardrobe


And every night we'll watch the stars ...

Tonight is finally the night. Heading to see the friendly fires (aka friendly fries). This version of Paris honestly gives me the creeps. I wish the boys were still unknown as they were in October 2008 when I first saw them as the opening band of Lykke Li. But I guess they're simply too good to remain unknown...

I love how the wallpaper in the video matches the background of my blog!!!


Oh oak...

Since yesterday I'm the proud owner of these babies... I hope it stops raining soon, so that I can actually show them off.

Found at Oak


Bloody work!

It took some pain and even some blood, but they're finally done!
Any feedback?? Shall there be more studs? Or maybe less?


New project: Studds & Cons

I totally know what my new project is going to be!! I need to have studded converse lace ups! I haven't decided yet if I want to use my old black cons or if I'm going to buy new grey one's. I bought some big pyramid studds, so I will for sure use those.. Will post the result soon!

Found via I dont like Mondays
and Where did U get that


Playing around with Polyvore

Massive potential of improvement but I guess it's okay for the first try. It's definitely fun to play around with all the rad stuff that I won't be able to afford in my entire life...


Magical Fashion by Tim Burton

Inspired by the idea of my friend Marie to be Edward Scissorhands for Halloween this year, I've found this magical pictorial from Harper’s Bazaar October 2009. To be honest, these are the most perfect images I've ever seen!!! Tim will never disappoint me I guess... He's the master of fantastic beauty that makes me get goosebumps. What would be Goth without him???

Rodarte Fall 2009 Collection
[Left: Dress by Tao Comme des Garçons; coat by Salvatore Ferragamo]

Sequined top and gloves by Giorgio Armani; Lace bodysuit by Emilio Cavallini

Nina Ricci Fall 2009 Collection

My version of Edward... Couldn't afford the Rodarte but I hope Tim would still like it!!

Photographer: Tim Walker
Models: Malgosia Bela, Evelina Mambetova, and Sophie Srej
Hair: Malcolm Edwards
Makeup: Sam Bryant
Stylist: Jacob K

Via Tom & Lorenzo


Icelandic crochet heaven

This week I'm in a bad crochet fever. While looking for some inspiration, I've stumbled upon Björk in a rad crochet creation by the Icelandic Love Corporation. I hope i'll ever be as good as these guys. I must say that the white sleeve reminds me little bit of my sweater!

Via: craftzine


Beautiful combo

I'm obsessed with this Acne dress!! It looks so simple but still so different.. I love it.

Acne is another good example for the uniqueness and ultimate perfection of swedish designers! Stockholm (or at least Europe) I'm coming..

photos: Acne SS2010
via: Panache


German Angels

Thanks to all the German Angels out there who answered my survey about lingerie and Victoria's Secret!!! The report and the presentation for this project ended up to be so much fun. I had a great team and I think we did a good job. If anyone is interested in our study on Victoria's Secret's entry into the German market please let me know ...

And... did you know that Victoria's Secret also sells shoes??! And even some pretty cool ones..

These rad Colin Stuart Victoria's Secret Studded Boots can be found on millions of fashion blogs out there. I'm impressed. I'm pretty sure these would sell in Germany too.. Don't you think?

photos: Polyvore


Alahop crochet dress

My first alahop dress was initially supposed to be a sweater. Looks like i mixed up cm with inches... yay! I'm still pretty happy with it! I cannot wait to do my next crochet piece...


My dead belgian pony

I cross many belgian things lately... some of them are pretty cool like my dead pony. Behind this rad name is Raphaël who is a self-taught illustrator from Brussels. I totally love the themes of the illustrations. They could be totally from me...

Photos: My dead pony


Concert a emporter

Totally shaking my hips. Check out the other split series with Lykke Li. Raw stuff.


Colonial Madness

First wasn't sure, but know I love them! They just simply look good with everything.. leggings, jeans, skirts ..Sorry for hesitating!

available at Urban Outfitters


IRO my hero

The French fashion label IRO isn't really showing something new in its fall/winter 2009 collection... and it's still pretty rad! Honestly, I would buy every single piece if it was available here.. check out the IRO website, I had a really hard time picking the nicest pics because everything is so cool!

images: IRO
via: uberding


arctic monkeys in town!!

I'm hoping to see the arctic monkeys next sunday because I'm totally crazy about their new album Humbug. Although some voices might say their sound has not developed very far from the debut album Mardy Bum, many critics are highly postive. The UK Telegraph calls it even a '...brilliant record, built to last'.

The monkeys have released one single from their new album so far called Crying Lightning. Love the video and the sound:

And love the hair and the light denim jacket:

images: arctic monkeys


Swedish Pudel wanted

The Scandinavian fashion label Pudel was established in 2005 with head office in London. Pudel's designer Lina Osterman developed a rad unisex line that mixes Stockholm style sensibility with a light touch of London edge -- You'll see tons of black in pudel AW0910.
And, it is affordable!!

images: Pudel