laser cut details in suede. hell yeah. holding this babe in my hands right now and won't ever give it back...

available at Topshop


reaching the sky

What a progress. Eva, one day you going to be a STAR! Believe me! Still so stoked about this shoot. This shoot also finally gave me a really cool header featuring the promised floral shirt. Wish I had more of this fabric... any suggestions for a new version?!?

available at: aLaska at dawanda
pictures by Eva Hasel
models: Agnes und Mortiz


I'm so in love but still....

can't stop listening to these Canadians!!! And Robert Smith's voice gives me the creeps...


inspirational Brother Louis...

Featured and available at Oak NYC: DOMINIC LOUIS. His collection totally inspires me... I love the fact that his collection is unisex AND that in most of the shots you can see a wicked shawl. Plus.. everything handcrafted in NYC. Respect.

found at OAK NYC
photographer: VICTORIA STEVENS
model: ADAM W & GADIR


what the f*** are pouch pockets???

Not that I got bored of scarves ( could never ever happen ) but just to extend aLaska a little I started to make some t-shirts. My first shirt is a short sleeve t-shirt with pouch pockets and a wide hem made out of very soft jersey. I also bought some floral fabric, so I really need to try to make a floral version of it!

style: aLaska oversized shirt in dark heather grey
model: Eva Hasel
picture: Eva Hasel


aLaska growing up

These are some of my favorites from the second photoshoot. I'm especially happy with the tie-dyed one which ended up way better than expected. Right now i'm working on finding the right fabrics in Amsterdam for the third collection ... so much fun!

available at: aLaska at dawanda
pictures by Eva Hasel


aLaska is born..

Searching for the perfect name for my accessories, I came across the beautiful Czech word for love... LASKA. After some brainstorming with my friend, we added a small a for my name et voilà... aLASKA was born! These are some of the pieces from the very first collection. Enjoy. More to come.

available at: aLaska at dawanda
pictures by Eva Hasel
models: Elena Schöndorf und Matteo Capreoli


Slouchy toque #2

Finally, I finished my second toque/beanie. Since I have used different type of yarn this time, this toque is a little bit more stiff compared to the black one. I'm pretty happy with it, but still need to work on my crocheting speed. Hope you like it!



If I was..

... a man, I would for sure adore this lady. Natalie Portman is smart, beautiful and totally misterious. Natalie is on the cover of the February issue of Elle UK, where she explains how she avoids nude scenes in her movies. The reason for this is that she wants to be seen as an artist and not as a sex symbol... mhhh but wasn't she quite naked in Hotel Chevalier? Whatever.. she's rad!

photos: ELLE UK and V Magazine