It's over ... at least for a month!

Hello everyone,
oh my gosh.. I don't know where to start. Okay, I will start with the school. All my exams are over now and the last project of my first term finished on December 4th!! 

The last project in which we had to come up with a proper business plan was quite tough. Me and four other lovely ladies ... 

... have decided to develop a business plan for a clothing store for men called wood (if you're interested where the name comes from, then please ask me individually per email ;). Besides producing our own collection, our store would have offered free styling advice to men. 

It was quite interesting to develop the entire business plan, which included for example market research such as an online survey and interviews with men to get some information regarding their shopping habbits. After conducting our market research, it really looks as if there is a lack in the industry and as if this business would be quite successful. During our exams, we did not really have enough time to work on this project, which led to lots of last minute work before the deadline. We worked all night before the deadline at 8am in morning. We have not received our grade yet... If the grade is good, we might really think about opening this store in future.. Of course only if we find some people that are crazy enough to invest in us ;)

After all that stress we had an amazing 'Core no more'-Party in Downtown, which included lots of alcohol and fun... The party was followed by many and many hours of sleep that I had missed in the last three months..

Last weekend, Franzi visited me in Vancouver. We spent two days in Whistler and rocked the slopes. There was not much snow, but still we had lots of fun. Daniel joined us for the first day.
Here are some impressions...

Tomorrow, we are picking up Tanja from the airport already :-)  And that means we are going up the mountains again!!! Tanja and me going to be in Whistler for 5 days! I cannot wait to be there again. It supposed to snow all weekend, so let's keep fingers crossed that it comes true..

Merry X-Mas!!!