cold war kids like me

Okay. I'm really excited for Wednesday. Honestly. I'm planning to see the Cold War Kids with a bunch of friends. I'm so excited that i'm afraid i'm going to be totally disappointed. Let's see how the influence of their new producer Jacquire King has changed the band. I hope he was having more modest mouse than kings of leon in his mind when working on the 'mine is yours' album with the CWK. I've read quite a few bad reviews for the new album, so let's see how the gig in Amsterdam will be. I'm still positive...


mixtup market

Two weeks ago i have joined this cool mixtup market that is happening from time to time here in amsterdam. The idea behind this designer market is to give upcoming photographers, painters, fashion designers and jewelers a plattform to show their stuff. So happy I was able to join this event with my aLaska scarves. I met a bunch of creative and inspiring people with who I hopefully keep in touch in the future. And also good feedback on aLaska. Simply a perfect day. Here are some impressions of it...

More information about the mixtup project under mixtuponline.com