My latest alahop creation

I've named this hat 'voda', which is the Czech word for water. This hat is actually really simple to make. I'm going to try to do the same hat with black and thinner yarn. Hope you like it!


The famous L'oreal Pixelation featuring Marie!

The Scientiest - Marie
Director of Photography - Leo
Director and Screenplay - Daniel
Production Designer & Assistant Director ;) - Alena 


River is alive!

I've accidently stumbled across this darling... Anyone interested in buying one with me to split the shipping costs??? It's made by an Australian company called Alpha60 (www.alpha60.com.au). If you're more the Tom Cruise type, then you really have to check out the website...


Alahop is launched vs. New wave of Crochet

I have finally produced my first Alahop item! It's a crochet laptop case in purple/grew with zipper. Thanks to Marie I was able to include even a lining. Please let me know if you like it. Orders are welcomed ;)