Icelandic crochet heaven

This week I'm in a bad crochet fever. While looking for some inspiration, I've stumbled upon Björk in a rad crochet creation by the Icelandic Love Corporation. I hope i'll ever be as good as these guys. I must say that the white sleeve reminds me little bit of my sweater!

Via: craftzine


Beautiful combo

I'm obsessed with this Acne dress!! It looks so simple but still so different.. I love it.

Acne is another good example for the uniqueness and ultimate perfection of swedish designers! Stockholm (or at least Europe) I'm coming..

photos: Acne SS2010
via: Panache


German Angels

Thanks to all the German Angels out there who answered my survey about lingerie and Victoria's Secret!!! The report and the presentation for this project ended up to be so much fun. I had a great team and I think we did a good job. If anyone is interested in our study on Victoria's Secret's entry into the German market please let me know ...

And... did you know that Victoria's Secret also sells shoes??! And even some pretty cool ones..

These rad Colin Stuart Victoria's Secret Studded Boots can be found on millions of fashion blogs out there. I'm impressed. I'm pretty sure these would sell in Germany too.. Don't you think?

photos: Polyvore