a party with mixed feelings...

Hey guys, 
after the birthday and farewell party with Diana on Saturday, I have finally realized that my departure to Vancouver is really close! I look back on this evening with mixed feelings: on the one hand I'm really looking forward to staying in Vancouver, on the other hand I'm gonna miss all of you guys!!! A big THANKS goes especially to my friend Tanja, who has organized the most beautiful present that I have ever received. I'll treasure it in Vancouver, that's a promise! By the way, I'll publish some of the party pics on this blog in the next few days. The rest of them can be checked out on studivz soon.
In the next few days, lots of small things still have to be organized for the trip. I had never thought with how much work this trip would be connected... please keep fingers crossed for me that everything will be done in time. 
I'll try to keep you updated about my further preparations. Hope to see or at least hear lots of you guys before I'll leave the country!
Yours Alena

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