I'm so haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaapppy!

Just to let you know: Daniel is admitted to Vancouver Film School!!!! His semester starts on 27 October. I couldn't imagine better news :-)


hyh5472 said...

Vancouver, sounds like fun, I'll have to make a trip up. How are you? Hope you're adjusting well. I know I'm very far away but let me know if I can do anything to help.
Hee Young

tgbhu said...

How cool is that?????!!!!!!!
Am sooooo haaaaaaaaapyyyyy for you :-)
Good to hear that you had a smooth start!
100 kisses from Bavaria!

Tigerauge said...

Just to let you know: Mattis and I kept our fingers crossed for you to see Daniel soon again :-)!

Alena said...

I still cannot believe it's true... Thanks for keeping your fingers crossed! xxx

pummeluff81 said...

Hey gal,

Tanja told me these great news! I am sooo glad for you both - Judith and me kept our fingers crossed and we already discussed several possible ways to smuggle him into Canada. ;)

Hugs from Stuttgart