I'm still alive

Hey there,

It has been a while since I have published my last post on my blog. The last weeks were quite exciting and busy though. 

After the ISP (International Students Program), we have started with the Pre-core moduls, which were on a voluntary basis. These pre-core moduls, that comprised Economics, Quantitative Methods, Accounting etc., was supposed to help us to start the MBA Program all on the same level. Although these topics were not new for me, it was quite challenging to hear that stuff in English! The good thing was, that during Pre-core I could finally meet all my fellow students. All in all, we are 115 students in the MBA Program now. I still have not managed to learn all the names ;)
After two weeks of Pre-Core, we have started orientation weeks, that are quite relaxed.We are doing a lot of team-building exercises. Nevertheless, we are told at least once a day, that the next three to four months are going to be like 'hell'. I hope these guys are exaggerating... 

Despite all these 'serious' things, we have find of course time to enjoy ourselves in this wonderful city. Last weekend for example, one of our fellow students organized a big party in his house and invited all students of the MBA program. It was a long long night ;) I was lucky that this guy lives two blocks away from my shack ;)

The other weekend we decided to check out the nightlife in Downtown Vancouver, which was really fun... here are some of the pics we took that night: 

Sorry I still cannot get rid of my face ;)

Here are some more pictures of happy MBA students after long, long Pre-core classes:

Besides studying and partying with my fellow students, I really enjoy living at my new place. Kitsilano, which is the area where I live, is such a unique place... I love it! And my roommate Trish is also really cool and easy-going. She helps me a lot in getting to know this city much faster than I normally would without her!

So I wish you all a sunny rest of the week (by the way: it's raining here all the time)!

Don't forget me ;) 


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