one for silk - two for a'dam

There's a place hidden in North Amsterdam that has become my favorite place in the city. Everything about it is just perfect.. the buildings, the lights, the silence. In every corner you'll find new rad stuff. Last time I have found an old warehouse with a massive half pipe on the first floor. Time to go home and pick up my old skateboard. Or even better, get a new one. More to come.

monki allison parka // cheap monday samira cardigan // cheap monday jeans // foals t-shirt // vintage biker boots // all saints alpaca beanie // aLaska silk scarf


Candice said...

I didn't know that Foals also had that design in tank top version! I love Foals haha

aLa said...

It's not really a tank top - it's more a crew neck type of t-shirt. I really love it. Great blog by the way!