Interview series starts...

Hey guys,

Tomorrow is finally my Best Buy interview for the summer internship. Please keep fingers crossed that I do a good job! 

I'll definitely let you know how it went. 


Thanks Dani!

Let me introduce you to Rainbow. Rainbow likes shopping, fashion and long division. Sounds like me, right?


Victim to fashion vs. Wear for Love/Love for Wear

As if I could walk out a store without buying something... But at least it looks good ;) 

I really really like these jeans. They are made by current/elliott (www.currentelliott.com) and I love how they mention on the jeans: 'A true eighties skinny jean that hugs every curve'. It definitely does...


Can I bring you another size?

So, two of my three shifts this week are over. Overall, I did a pretty good job and I really enjoy working for Aritzia! Everyday I see new amazing stuff that I haven't seen the day before. So for example this outfit.. tomorrow I'm probably buying these jeans... Love it!


My first day at Aritzia

Today is the big day. I'm starting to work at Aritzia. I had a short orientation shift last week, but today I'm having my first real shift, where I can actually sell stuff.... Please keep figures crossed for me that I'll be doing a good job... I'm excited!

Here is one of my favorites from Aritzia.. 


L'oreal E-Strat Competition

Hey everyone,

Some of you might know that me and two of my classmates (Bhavna and Nikhil) from India have participated in a competition organized by L'Oréal. This so-called L'Oréal E-Strat competition is one of the world's biggest online business simulation. This international competition is open to undergraduate and MBA students in their final two years of university or business school. In the first round we were competing with 221000 students from 2200 schools representing 128 countries. 

Although we didn't make into the international finals in Paris, we made into the national finals, which were organized by L'oreal Canada for the Canadian teams. The top three teams had the task to produce a video presenting their business plan to the L'oreal executives! We did that and became 2nd!!! Now we are waiting for the hundreds of L'oreal products that they've promised us ;) 

I have uploaded the video, so please check it out!

Have fun!


MoMA - Museum of Modern Art in New York

Here are some of my favorites from the MoMA: 

Frantisek Kupka.1910
Czech Artist

Girl before a Mirror by Pablo Picasso
This oil on canvas was painted in March 1932 by the Spanish artist

Frida Kahlo.Fulang-Chang y Yo. 1937

Roy Lichtenstein. Drowning Girl. 1963
My favorite artist ever..

Andy Warhol.Campbell's Soup Cans.1962

Andy Warhol.Double Elvis.1963

Okay... that's it for now! Please let me know what to think about it...

Happy Easter!