Next exams...

Hey guys,

here is a short update to what happend in the last two weeks (sorry Kerstin that I'm so lazy ;)

First of all, I have totally forgot to tell you that I'm the captain of the dodgeball team now !!! I hope you all know what dodgeball is?? It's the best sport ever (right after snowboarding of course) Watch this to get an impression what Dodgeball is about: 


And here are two of my action pictures:

 My teams rocks...

 Some air action

At the moment we are number three in the league! The aim is definitely to become number one.. we are quite optimistic ;)

An less exciting issue are my exams. Today I have again two of them: Finance and Organizational Behaviour. I should be fine with Finance, because it is not really new for me. Let's see how it works. Again: Don't forget to keep fingers crossed! 

Miss you all!!


P.s. the last two exams went pretty well... :-)